Monday, 28 August 2017

Blog post of the week! Week 6- Amelia

On Friday the 25th of August at 12:00 Team 5 was having a speech Competition out in the street(Middle of team 5)

I was on of the opponents that was competing with other students from other classes. I felt nervous when we got told to sit on the chairs so I didn't move and stayed on ground. Mr Wiseman was holding a box with names he slowly out his hand in and pulled his hand back out. He said !AMELIA! everyone started clapping....that made me more nervous I stood up and I heard teachers laughing because I was supposed to be sitting on the chairs. I walked over talking to myself saying "Im not doing this for anyone else but myself and my nana."
I stood there......took a deep breath and started reading. I knew I was being watched by everyone. I could feel my voice starting to crackle and and shake but I took another deep breathe and let it go and carried on reading. When I finished everyone started clapping. 

My favourite Speech was Yvone, Yvone wrote about how to look interested but you not. Yvone was using action and she was being enthusiastic. I liked Yvone's speech because it had heaps of good points on how to look interested but your not.

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