Saturday, 9 September 2017

Blindfold Taste Test, written by Penny of Room 4

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Today Room 4 has been doing food tasting for there Manaiakalani video.First 3 kids had to be blindfolded and they had to wait for miss Judd to put food in front of them so they can pick it up and eat it.

The first one I tasted were chinese dumplings with peanuts. It tasted so yuck.  My neighbour  was Jayde and she was so funny because she was the loudest.  

On the table she kept saying eww yuck!  The second round Mrs Judd gave us this wet yuck thing. 

William puts it in his mouth and tried it and everyone started laughing and then Mrs Judd  rubs it on their face and then finally we finished.   What a crazy time tasting food!

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