Friday, 3 November 2017

Motivational Talk from Mr Andrew Patterson

Today we had a very special guest come in. His name was Mr Patterson. His talk was mostly for us Year 8's who are heading out to college next year. He was telling us about aiming for success and launching our future. Here are some things that might help you in the future, when you really need it.

Then he showed us a formula, that is similar to his talk for us. The formula was A + I = M. There is a meaning behind these words that would help us in the nearer future. A = Aspiration, I = Inspiration and M = Motivation. I have learnt many things from his talk and look forward to reaching my goals. If you have a dream, then you would always have a plan b, if your first dream doesn't work well.

There are different types of motivation. Intrinsic means you can reach for your goals and achieve what you want. The other one is extrinsic, which means external and it is about getting fancy cars, rewards and $100 inside your bank. Being a Grit means leaving the past behind you and trying to make things right, between you and another person.

Their was a story about a boy named Willie who is 11 years old, he gave his lunch and money to a homeless man. He was kind to do something very special to the man, it would change his life forever. If you do good things towards others, then you would get something good in return. Mr Patterson took Willie and his friend down to Wellington on a plane. It was Willie's first experience. 

Be a giver and not a taker. This phrase means that whatever you give, it would come back to you. But whatever you take, it will always come back around. Mr Patterson saw two young couples with three kids, so then he brought them to the front of the line. There was about 200 people waiting in the line, to book their flights because it got cancelled. Everybody was surprised to see how kind Mr Patterson was.

There was a quote about doing what you love. This means that if you are able to do what you love, then you would go to your job happy and motivated. It's really bad to go to work because you just want to earn money. I have learnt lot's of things about Mr Patterson's motivational talk. I would like to take his talk with me, along my future to success. 

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